Magnesium Stearate CM700


Product name: Magnesium stearate                    Type: CM700 

Molecular formula: Mg(C17H35COO)2                 Molecular weight: 590 

Physical and chemical properties: White powder, nontoxic, not dissolved in water or ethanol but dissolved in hot organic solvents and acids.

General Information 

Product Packaging: 20kg net paper bag. 

Storage and Handling:Storage and transport under shady, cool and ventilated environment; Avoid acid, alkali and corrosive substances. Keep it away from the humidity, hotness, fire and corrosion. 

Product Application


1. Good dispersing properties

2. Good mold-releasing properties


ItemsStandard ValueRemark
AppearanceWhite powder
Free fatty acid(%)≤5.0
Magnesium Content (%)3.7~4.8
Melting Point (℃)≥120
Moisture (%))≤4.0
Fineness(%)by 120 mesh95

Product Application

Used as stabilizer agent in PVC products. 

Used as dispersing agent and lubricant in polymer functional materials. 

Used as functional additive in maquillage and pharmaceutical tablet.

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