Processing Aid G180

General Information

G180 is wood plastics additive produced by our company using new technology. It can significantly improve the processing characteristics of thermoplastics filled with wood powder or natural fiber bundles. The unique lubrication performance of the product can fully moisten the wood powder or natural fiber bundles and make them well dispersed in the plastic melt, and the high content of nanocrystalline material helps the melt to form skeleton structure, thus greatly improving the production speed and product apparent performance.

Product Application


1. It can provide related solutions as customer's different process conditions.

2. Helps the melt form skeleton structure, significantly improves melt strength and dimensional stability of products.

3. Excellent fluidity, controllable extrusion speed.

4. It can eliminate edge tearing and whitening of special-shaped complex parts.

5. Significantly improves the output speed and product gloss, can effectively improve the service life of the screw.

6. Excellent batch stability.

7. It can decrease the product water absorption rate, prevent product precipitation.


AppearanceGray black powder, granular product
Drop melting point (℃)105– 140


20kg/bag or 25kg/bag standard packing (PP bag/paper bag).


G180 is process aid designed for polyolefin resins and wood powder/fiber. 

It has excellent wettability, excellent dispersion and high production speed. 

It can obviously increase the use ratio of wood powder/fiber, and has a very wide processing window.

It is recommended to use in wood powder/fiber filled polyethylene (PE) systems, reference dosage: 1~3%.

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