Water-based Series HS2000


HS-2000 is the patented product we've developed,specially used as grinding aids for water-based wood primer, putty and applicated in water based coatings system,which enhances the coating surface hydrophobic, improves the film feeling. It can also be used in papermaking industry as the antiseizing agent and the hydrophobing agent.

Product Application

Packing and storage:

  1. Must seal it, no exposure in the air,in order to avoid the surface crusting and affecting use.

2. Insolation is forbidden, must deposit under shade.

3. In winter must save above 0℃ to prevent freezing and emulsion breaking.

4. Packed in 25kg/drum, 125kg/drum (plastic drum),and can also be decided by customer request. Attention to heat preservation during transportation.

Product quality technical indicator

AppearanceWhite liquid
Active ingredient(%)38~45
Viscosity (20℃)),(mPa-s)<1200
pH(20℃,2% aqueous solution)7~9


Environment and toxicity

Nontoxic,biolytic;vin reference to 21 CFR.863-177.2600-184.1229 of Americangrain and medicine administrative bureau title (USA) or 90/128/EEC(EU) of Europe economical committee Instruction.

Date: February 23,1990 and further revise.


1. Used in water industrial paint and wood paint to improve the slip sense of the surface, which could avoid the paint film softening and sticking the sandpaper or the grinding wheel due to the rising temperature when mechanical polishing. It also has the extinction effect.

2. Used in water paint for improving paint film anti-water permeability, also can improve the hand feeling for the paint film in the high PVC coating.

3. Used in the water ink for preventing the print being adhesive reciprocally. 

4. Used in putty to enhance intenerated coefficient.

5. Used in cement mortar and concrete to improve hydrophobic.

6. The usual dosage is 0.5~8%.which is decided by the formula request.

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